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Transform customer education into your most powerful growth engine

Empower your brand with Motrain, the magnetic solution for elevating customer engagement and advocacy

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The CE-CX Accelerator

Your ultimate guide to attract customers, engage learners, and build brand champions.

Curious how Watts Water achieved a 1500% surge in course registrations and a 3500% spike in completion rates in less than a year with Motrain? We’ve got you covered.

Unlock explosive growth with our free guide to mastering customer experience and advocacy from your LMS.

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Turn enrollments into your strongest marketing play

From the first click, you're not just gaining enrollments. You're gaining repeat customers who can't wait to come back.

“Motrain is a powerful learner engagement solution. Since our adoption, it is also proving to be an incredibly successful marketing tool.”
Greg Gyorda

Director of Customer and Employee Training @ Watt’s Water


Courses that customers don't just start, but love

Achieve industry-leading course completion rates while unlocking crucial data insights for faster growth.

“Motrain is a great tool to boost agents’ motivation and has helped improve our results. Our course completions are over 90% and it helped raise our NPS to +5.”
Miquel Gomez Roura

Global Training Manager @ Glovo


Unleash the voice of your brand champions

Motrain transforms customers into passionate advocates who actively promote your brand, extending your reach and influence.

“Collaborating with Motrain offers an excellent chance to tap into a wealth of solution(s) strategies and, more importantly, to connect with a genuine partner who can enhance customer engagement. At Motrain, they seamlessly blend a technical solution with a robust offline plan to elevate your business. The added perk of working with their leadership has been incredibly rewarding!”
Jean-Paul van Hal

Customer Learning Specialist @ Shimano

Stop being the best-kept secret in your organization

We've helped companies boost course enrolments by 1500% and course completion rates by 3500%.

Discover the full impact of transforming your customer experience strategy with Motrain today.

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