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Our story

We’re a passionate team of instructional designers, gamification experts, and developers with one goal: to make learning experiences so magnetic they become a cornerstone of a brand’s growth strategy.

Because today, winning a customer isn’t the endgame. The magic lies in ensuring they not only remain loyal but also champion your brand. That’s why we tackled the big hurdles in online learning—from uninspiring rewards to courses gathering digital dust.

The solution? Motrain. It’s the all-in-one solution that makes learning fun, keeps customers hooked, and helps brands grow faster using education.


"We empower brands to transform educational strategies into channels that delight customers and drive unparalleled growth."

Imagine a reality where your courses aren’t just launched—they’re loved. Where completion rates soar, and your learners are so engaged, they naturally spread the word. With Motrain, that’s not just a vision—it’s an achievable outcome.

Many leading brands have already tapped into Motrain's transformative approach, turning their education strategies into powerhouse acquisition and retention channels. Ready to join them?

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Dive into a world where education becomes your secret weapon.