Nephilaweb Partnership

We had a great time presenting our Motrain platform at the Philippines Moot yesterday with our partner Nephilaweb Technology Inc.  It was great to see so much interest in gamification …

Moodle Moot UK & Ireland

Another gathering of Moodlers that we are proud to be sponsoring!  Looking forward to hearing from people at the Moodle Moot UK & Ireland running March 26-28.

Canada Moot

It’s official!  We are exhibiting at the Canada Moot on February 22-24 and we are looking forward to meeting more members of the Moodle community in our home country.

Mini Moot Sponsor

Looking forward to sponsoring our first iMoot on Friday, November 17th.  Come join the 24hr non-stop Moot!

New Localization

Both our mobile app and web dashboard now support English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Greek, and Russian languages.