Watts Water Extended Enterprise

Watts is a leader in water technology products, committed to improving the comfort, safety, and quality of life for people around the world. Their mission is to provide high-quality products, systems, and solutions for the conveyance, conservation, control and safe use of water.

Customer Training

The Watts Learning and Development team approached us looking for a way to improve the results of their customer e-learning training program.  We worked closely with their team developing an intuitive rewards mechanism allowing users to earn tokens for completing courses.  These digital tokens can be redeemed for Watts-branded merchandise which is shipped directly to the customer through a unique integration with a 3rd party fulfillment provider.

“Watts’ Learn and Earn program is designed to incentivize plumbing contractors, engineers, and distributors to complete our on-line training modules.  Rewarding industry professionals who complete our on-line training with branded merchandise provides Watts’ marketing team a great vehicle to educate industry professionals about our differentiated, labor saving products and solutions 24/7 while developing an ongoing digital dialogue with them.” 

– Greg Gyorda – Director of Customer and Employee Training


From October 2018 to August 2019, Watts ran a 10-month long customer training program and managed to enroll a total of 375 customers who completed 2000 courses.  The new Watts Learn and Earn program started in September 2019 and uses Motrain to power learner engagement.  After ONLY THREE MONTHS, here are the results:


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