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How Watts Water achieved explosive growth with Motrain

📈 Customer registrations surged by over 1500%

🚀 Course completions rocketed by over 3500%

The Challenge

Watts always valued customer and employee education. But despite their acclaimed in-person training venues and impactful educational initiatives, their online engagement fell short. They didn’t just need an upgrade; they craved a revolution.

Enter Motrain

In collaboration with the Watts Learning and Development team, we pioneered an intuitive rewards mechanism aptly called the Learn and Earn program.


Instead of the standard digital points or virtual badges common in most online courses, we elevated the experience. Learners could now earn tokens redeemable for coveted Watts-branded merchandise as they progressed through their courses. With Motrain’s unique integration, these rewards were easily shipped directly to the learners.

The Results

Watts witnessed their course completions catapult from a modest 2,000 to a staggering 72,200. Simultaneously, customer registrations took a leap from 374 to an incredible 6,100.


The lesson here is clear: prioritize the learner’s engagement with Motrain, and your metrics will be so impressive they’ll have your team doing a double-take.

Motrain has become a critical part of our customer experience strategy. Because of it, our learning department gets the red carpet treatment here at Watts

Greg GyordaWatts Water Director of Customer and Employee Training

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