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Take the most important step for your customer education strategy.

Book a demo with Motrain and see exactly how you’ll:
✔ Boost your course completion rates
✔ Get more enrolments without extra work
✔ Pinpoint exactly where to invest more (and less)
✔ Prove the value of customer education to your team

Why are customer education teams obsessed with Motrain?

Because we make your job easier and your impact bigger.

Customer education teams are tasked with a lot. You need to:

  • Boost course engagement and completion rates.
  • Learn where your strategy excels and can be improved.
  • Encourage learners to share and promote your program.
  • Easily showcase your value to the C-suite.

With Motrain, you now can transform your education strategy by:

  • Delivering custom incentives tailored to your audience.
  • Tapping into learning strategies built by top educators.
  • Amplifying your program’s reach through built-in social sharing and referral mechanisms.
  • Accessing custom data analytics that help you quickly grasp what’s working and where you can iterate.
“We get the red carpet treatment within our organization. And it’s all thanks to Motrain. The customer education and experience strategy has become the pulsing heart of the entire organization.”
Greg Gyorda

Director of Customer and Employee Training @ Watt’s Water

Book a demo to discover Motrain’s transformative features today.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

All the customization options you’ll love

Uncover a range of customization options that let you design rewards and incentives to perfectly resonate with your audience.

Powerful, built-in engagement tactics

Discover how we make every click count, boosting completion rates and sparking active participation across courses.

Real success stories

Hear about your customer education peers who’ve transformed their programs with Motrain.

Our easy-to-use ROI visualization tools

See our straightforward dashboards that make it a breeze to display your program’s wins to anyone.

Seamless connections

Learn how Motrain integrates with platforms like Thinkific and Moodle, making it a natural extension of your current tools.

Flexible reward system

Learn how our flexible reward system allows you to easily set up and adapt incentives for a variety of learner actions and milestones.

Frequently asked questions by customer education teams:

  • Is Motrain compatible with my LMS?

    Yes, Motrain seamlessly integrates with most major LMS platforms.
  • How quickly can I see results?

    Many of our clients notice an uptick in engagement within the first month.
  • Can I customize the rewards offered?

    Yes! Motrain allows full customization of rewards to cater to your specific audience, ensuring maximum engagement and relevance.
  • Can I integrate my existing courses and content into Motrain?

    Absolutely! Motrain is designed to work seamlessly with your existing courses, enhancing them with our engagement tools.
  • What kind of reporting features does Motrain offer?

    Motrain provides comprehensive analytics, from individual student progress to overall course engagement metrics, helping you understand and demonstrate the impact of your educational initiatives.
  • Do you provide training for teams new to Motrain?

    Yes, we offer a range of training and onboarding sessions to ensure your team gets the most out of Motrain from day one.

Ready to reimagine your education strategy’s impact?

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