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Plug the gamification gap in your roadmap.

Gamification shouldn’t derail your roadmap. Plug it in with Motrain.
✔ Expert-designed gamification, ready to deploy
✔ Seamless LMS and tech stack integration
✔ Skip the gamification learning curve
✔ Deploy your custom solution in less than a week

Focus on your product, not gamification groundwork.

  • Gamification out-of-the-box: Skip the build. We’ve got leaderboards, levels, and incentives—ready to go.
  • Forget coding marathons: Integrate Motrain in a week or two, not years—without any detours from your core product development.
  • Tailored to your tech stack: Motrain syncs smoothly with your current LMS and tech tools.
  • Dedicated support: Direct access to our team for smooth implementation and scaling.

See how Motrain fills your roadmap's gap:

Seamless integration

Save development time with plug-and-play compatibility—zero maintenance required.

Custom gamification

Enhance your product without reinventing the wheel.

Expert features, fast

Deploy proven gamification strategies in weeks, not years.

Scalable with Azure

Count on reliable growth backed by Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions by product teams:

  • Is Motrain tough to maintain?

    Not at all. We’ve built Motrain to be as maintenance-free as possible. Our platform is designed for developers who want to set it and forget it, with updates that roll out smoothly—without interrupting your service.
  • Will Motrain require a lot of developer time to integrate?

    Integration is a breeze. Typically, integrating your LMS with Motrain can be completed within one to two weeks. After that, your setup can be finalized in just a few hours, ready to engage your users.
  • What kind of support can we expect during and after integration?

    We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support. From the initial setup to ongoing operations, our team is always on hand to ensure a smooth experience.
  • How does Motrain track and report on engagement metrics?

    Our analytics dashboard provides real-time data on user engagement, giving you actionable insights to continually refine and enhance the user experience.
  • Does Motrain provide options for customization and automation through an API?

    Absolutely. With Motrain’s open API, Zapier integration, and webhooks, customization and automation are straightforward. Our system ensures users remain authenticated within their LMS throughout their Motrain experience, maintaining a seamless and integrated learning environment.
  • How does Motrain handle data security and user privacy?

    Data security is our top priority. We comply with industry-leading standards and leverage Microsoft Azure’s robust infrastructure to ensure your data and your users’ privacy are always protected. We have servers in North America and in Europe to satisfy GDPR requirements.
  • What if our product needs a unique gamification feature? Can Motrain help?

    We specialize in crafting unique gamification experiences. If there’s something specific you need, let’s discuss it in a demo, and we’ll tailor a solution for you.

Start bridging your product's gamification gap today.

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