Q:  How are coins earned?

A:  Coins can be earned two different ways.  The plugin default setting will award coins based on the events in Moodle, where the more users interact with Moodle content, the more coins they will earn.  We have installed a customizable cheat guard in the plugin which can moderate the number of coins generated this way.  The other setting in the plugin is to award coins based on activity completion.  When choosing this option, users will only earn coins when the criteria are met to have an activity marked complete.

Q:  How do the subscriptions work?

A: When you create an account with Motrain, you can also create separate sections.  Each section that is created has its own unique dashboard for specific users.  For example, a hosting firm can create multiple sections for the different companies they host, or a self-hosting company can create sections for multiple divisions within the company.  Each section costs $10US/month + $0.25/month per active user.  An active user logs into the mobile app one or more times per month.  User permissions (access to the app) can be controlled in the plugin, and you can suspend sections at any time, where no further billing will occur.  Our payment provider is Stripe.

Q:  What can we put in the Store?

A:  Anything you know that will engage your users to complete their course work.  Our goal was to make the gamification experience as personal as possible by connecting a web dashboard to manage Motrain specifically for your users.  We have suggested a list of items you could potentially put in the store, but the possibilities are endless!