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Real-time feedback to boost engagement

Attract and retain learners with instant virtual currency rewards

  • Automatically reward learners with virtual currency at any learning milestone you choose
  • Manually award currency to learners for any reason

Personalized incentives to drive signups + completions

Offer any item or opportunity with our versatile platform

  • Learners can redeem their rewards to participate in raffles and auctions, purchase clothing and items, sign up for courses and conferences, and more
  • Boost motivation by offering time-limited rewards

Easily tailor your reward system

Set currency values for activities and courses, and price store items to match

  • Adjust currency values to override defaults if you want to boost engagement in specific scenarios
  • Learners can earn currency for successfully referring their friends

Simple reward distribution

Boost loyalty without the operational headaches

  • Automate reward distribution by connecting to a fulfillment provider
  • Customers receive their rewards easily and swiftly

Connect and customize your rewards

Easily create or combine your rewards platforms

  • Build your own loyalty program by connecting to our open API and Zapier app
  • Allow currency to be earned in partner, sales, and service portals and drive engagement everywhere

All-in-one, comprehensive performance dashboard

Save your sanity by managing everything in one space

  • Manage users, items, and redemptions without platform-switching hassles
  • Generate actionable, custom reports for informed decisions

But wait, there's more!

Change currency icons and names to anything you want

Keep leaderboards anonymous or public

Empower learners with motivating levels and progress bars

Drive friendly competition with user vs. user leaderboards

Access valuable insights through currency-earning analytics

Foster teamwork with team vs. team leaderboards

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"At Motrain, we've crafted a tool that reimagines customer education as the linchpin of your growth strategy. It's a powerful, intuitive solution that seamlessly integrates into your business. We can't wait for you to experience its impact firsthand." - Jeff Campbell, Founder, Motrain


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