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Your Rewards Store

Let learners buy your chosen goods or opportunities using their earnings.

Customer Education Framework

Garner loyalty and keep customers coming back to learn more.

Timely Feedback

Regular rewards align with progress to motivate learners.

Integrated Dashboard

Manage everything under one roof in multiple languages.

Manage The Economy

Push learners beyond the “bare minimum” with bigger rewards for harder work.

Open API

Connect Motrain to your platform of choice.

Your Rewards Store

Offer any real items or opportunities, and tailor them to the interests of your audience. Use it as a marketing strategy to advertize your program, promote your brand, and increase enrollments and completions.

  • List items for direct purchase, raffle, or auction
  • From conference registrations to extra courses, charitable donations, yoga classes, clothing, and beyond, there are no restrictions on reward types
  • Limit item availability to foster timeliness and regular learning!

Timely Feedback

Celebrate every success, big and small, by awarding virtual currency for successful course and activity completions.

    • Use virtual currency as positive re-enforcement for reaching short-term goals
    • Manually award currency for any reason you choose

Manage The Economy

Set the currency values for completing activities and courses.  Establish the criteria for completions on your LMS and only award coins for success.

  • Set default values site-wide
  • Set custom coin values to override defaults for specific courses and activities to encourage students to learn more

Customer Education Framework

With Motrain, your customers will keep coming back to learn more about your products and services. Connect with your marketing department to add branded items to the store and create educated customer-ambassadors!

    • Connect your shipping integration to a fulfillment provider and send items to your customers
    • Build brand awareness, brand familiarity, and brand loyalty

Integrated Dashboard

No more running your own gamification program on spreadsheets.  Save your sanity by managing everything in one space.

    • Manage users, store items, redemptions, and other dashboard users.
    • Create custom reports 

Open API

Become the master of your own domain!  With our open API, you can create or combine your own rewards platform. Easily connect Motrain to other systems, and set your own currency-earning criteria.

More Features

Change currency icons and names to anything you want

Foster healthy competition with “USER VS. USER” leaderboards

Foster healthy collaborative competition with “TEAM VS. TEAM” leaderboards

Anonymize leaderboards or turn on and off at your discretion

Set currency expiry dates 

Access insightful currency-earning analytics

Download the Customer Education Optimizer

Attract customers. Skyroctket completions.  Tie in an incredible marketing engine.