Introducing Motrain

Motrain is a personalized engagement platform for Moodle™ and Totara™.  By creating a unique reward system for each group of learners that can include real items and/or opportunities, our goal is to foster mastery, improve course completion rates, engage learners in a timely manner, and strengthen your organization’s connection with your learners.

The Motrain block and mobile app are powered by our web-dashboard which allows you to add a completely new type of personalized gamification to your Moodle™ or Totara™ site. Motrain encourages learners to complete their training in a timely manner by allowing them to earn virtual coins through activity and course completion and/or using events.

Learners can spend their coins in your organization’s Store and purchase the items or opportunities listed through your web-dashboard. You can offer direct purchasing of items, or you can put coveted or scarce items in a raffle draw where employees can continually purchase entries to improve their chances of winning.  Create as many Sections as you wish using cohorts/audiences, each with their own unique Motrain platform.  


 Customized Coin Values

Set the default coin values for each course and activity type on your site when they are marked complete.  Then, you can override these values for specific courses and their underlying activities.



Looking to spice things up with some friendly competition?  Enable User vs. User and/or Section vs. Section leaderboards.  Both can be anonymized!


Unique Items

The items you post in your Store are completely up to you, and the possibilities are endless! List unique items/opportunities for each Section that appeal specifically to each cohort of users, such as:

• Electronics (tablet, e-reader, wearable camera)

• Tickets to a local event/sports game

• A donation to a user’s charity of choice

• Be the first to choose your holiday schedule

• Be the first to choose your work schedule

• Use the newest company vehicle for a week

• Get a new uniform

• Company clothing

• A fine bottle of wine

• Get the office with a window view for a month

• Upgraded airline seat

• A filled tank of gas for your car

• Pick your hotel for your next road trip

• New company phone

• Reserved parking

• A paid day off

• Upgrade to newer tools

• Gift certificates

• Meals/Food at a local restaurant

• …whatever motivates them!

With thoughtful instructional design, Motrain can help your learners complete their corporate training in a timely manner, improve course completion rates, and go beyond minimal compliance levels by rewarding mastery.  If you’re looking for a way to make personal connections to your e-learners, this is it.