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Partnership Program

Motrain is the next generation motivational design platform. Join our partnership or referral program and give your clients the engagement tool they’re looking for.


We will help you acquire more clients, grow your existing accounts, and help you sell more content . Our shared marketing materials, training, and outstanding support makes it easy to partner with us.

Partnership Benefits

Account Growth

Acquire more clients and grow your existing accounts with our suite of tools and strategies.


We will work with your team and your clients to make sure you are experts in leveraging our platform.


Our turnkey solution gives you your own separate Motrain platform to manage your clients.

Content Consumption Strategy

Sell more content and help your clients realize the value of their purchased courses.


Whether it’s a current or prospective client, we have the marketing materials to help you in any stage of your business cycle.

Recurring Revenue

Add a generous revenue stream while providing value to your client’s learning experience.

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