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Improve motivation and engagement with your own rewards store.


Tired of nagging your learners to complete their training?  Looking for ways to get customers to come back and learn more about your products and services all while tying in an effective marketing strategy?

What if you could nudge your learners to come back to your Totara site and learn more with the help of personalized gamification strategies?

In this session, Jeff Campbell, the Founder and Director of Motrain will introduce the platform and how it is designed to improve course completion rates, foster mastery, and enhance the personal connection learners have with their organization.

Jeff will highlight training areas where Motrain can be used and share some client-specific use cases.  He will also feature some large customer-facing training initiatives where companies want to improve their customer’s understanding of their products and services as well as use the Motrain store as part of their marketing strategy.

Companies can stock their Motrain store with company swag and unique product/service offerings and integrate customer redemptions with third party fulfilment/shipping providers.

Join this webinar to explore:

  • Why gamification should be used in training

  • The problem with most gamification approaches

  • How Motrain is a modern approach to gamification and highlight how it’s being used for customer training

Come check out our Totara Webinar on October 10th. The details and sign up are HERE.